About Us

build·re·build™ machines are characterized by these features :

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About Us
build·re·build™ is founded on the following principles
  • 1 Ballistic Capabilities

    Proven results which can provide a layer of safety to unsecured or hostile areas. Detailed ballistic report available upon request.

  • 2 Environmentally Friendly

    uses soils that are native to the specific installation - no need to import construction materials.

  • 3 Low Cost

    when compared to conventional and expensive construction building materials such as concrete, wood & steel

  • 4 Multiple Uses

    housing, commercial buildings, courtyard walls, security perimeter walls similar to a gated community, reconstruction projects, barns and agri-business structures, etc.

  • 5 Simplified Logistics

    completely self sustained, portable factory.

  • 6 Completely Recyclable

    you can tear it down and build it back up in a totally different configuration.