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Leading Edge Group’s Compress Soil Block Machines Awarded Most Innovative Technology at the Aid and International Development Forum in Washington, DC

WASHINGTON – The Leading Edge Group, Inc., which markets its compressed soil block machines (CSBM) that turn clay-bearing soil into solid, structurally sound, inexpensive, ballistically-resistant construction blocks, was awarded the most innovative technology award at the Aid and International Development Forum in Washington, D.C., yesterday.

“It was a great honor to be recognized with this prestigious award at this important event. I believe our Compressed Soil Block Machines (CBSM) represent a green technology that can transform the world and provide housing for hundreds of millions while preserving the rainforests,” said Jimmy Allen, Jimmy Allen, CEO of The Leading Edge Group, Inc.

CBSM construction blocks are being used for humanitarian housing, commercial structures and green home construction and are approved for building homes in the United States. The highly portable, ruggedized CBSM machines can make hundreds of construction blocks per hour while using common soil found most of the world. This type of construction is also culturally accepted in most of the developing world.

“We are using an innovative green technology that hyper-compresses common soil found in more than 80 percent of the world into heavy, solid blocks that are inexpensive, structurally sound and resistant to intense storms and high winds,” said Allen. “We have sold numerous machines to the U.S. military and to non-governmental agencies and we are now offering our CSBM machines to the commercial sector and foreign governments to reduce deforestation and provide low-cost building materials in developing countries.

CBSM machines are being the U.S. military in Afghanistan to build command centers and barracks because of their low-cost, durability and ballistic resistance. These machines are ruggedized for military use and can be transported by helicopter or towed by trucks.

To date, The Leading Edge Group, Inc. has sold 32 machines to the U.S. military and 131 have been purchased for private sector or humanitarian use since 1989.

The CSBM machines can generate low-cost building blocks needed for building homes and infrastructure. The blocks can also be sold as building materials and the CSBM machines can eventually pay for themselves and are ideal candidate for micro-financing development programs.

The Leading Edge Group, Inc. is a San Antonio, Texas based firm that markets and distributes U.S. manufactured portable machines that create environmentally friendly, sustainable and structurally sound compressed soil blocks for green construction, humanitarian assistance and applications including housing, commercial buildings, force protection fortifications. The firm also supports humanitarian housing and commercial construction projects in developing countries using inexpensive natural soil instead of using expensive or sometimes non-available steel, wood or concrete. Leading Edge is recognized as a certified green business. For more information go to: and

AIDF 2012