In the wake of conflicts or natural disasters, there is an urgent and pressing need for humanitarian assistance. The task of constructing emergency and permanent housing for large populations of displaced people can be overwhelming. build rebuild offers a solution to create semi-permanent to permanent housing for dozens of families, built in just hours. Clinics, food banks, protective walls, and even schools can be rapidly constructed. Learn More…


Peru — Poverty-stricken slums near cities in Peru. The entire area was built on a landfill site. As the people live their lives, trucks drive through and dump rubbish around their shack homes. Compressed soil block machines can help build decent shelter and start communities away from these squalid quarters.
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Completely Recyclable— you can tear it down and build it back up in a totally different configuration.
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Leading Edge Group, Inc. is a San Antonio, Texas area based firm that concentrates on the use of compressed soil blocks in various applications, from construction, shelter, building, rebuilding, disaster relief.
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