About Us

build·re·build™ machines are characterized by these features :

  • Create structures with a construction material that is very familiar and accepted by most parts of the world
  • Excellent thermal insulating and energy efficiency properties – keep structures cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Creates long-term, sustainable employment for local populations
  • Incorporate a vertical press mechanism which has proven to be the preferred method of soil block production
  • The blocks produced by our machines meet or exceed the building strength of material standards for non-fired masonry construction according to The International Building Code (IBC)
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build·re·build™ is founded on the following principles


Simplified Logistics

Completely self-sustained, portable factory.



Easily pulled behind pickup truck, rolled into a ship or cargo container and can be helicopter lifted.


Ballistic Capabilities

Proven results which can provide a layer of safety to unsecured or hostile areas. Detailed ballistic report is available upon request.


Environmentally Friendly

Uses soils that are native to the specific installation – no need to import construction materials.


Economical Operating Expense

Uses only 1.5 gallons of diesel fuel per hour of operation.


Low Cost

When compared to conventional and expensive construction building materials such as concrete, wood & steel